Why EcoSwap?

Globalization and advances in technology have made it easier than ever to buy more than we need and discard it when we’re done.

We’re able to buy anything online, from anywhere in the world, at the lowest price.

As a global society, we’re buying more than we need and generating more waste than ever before in human history. 

The items we discard don’t just go away once we have thrown them away. Some remain for hundreds or even thousands of years before they biodegrade and breakdown completely.

Others, like plastic and Styrofoam, will never truly biodegrade and will remain with us in some form forever.  

The waste crisis is a problem that technology alone can’t solve – it’s our consumption and production habits that need to change.

Most people are aware of the problem but lack easy access to the many eco-friendly options out there. We want to bridge this gap.

Our goal is to facilitate access to eco-friendly products, raise awareness and fight the waste problem we all contribute to everyday

What is EcoSwap?

EcoSwap is a platform that showcases eco-friendly alternatives to everyday household items.

We work hard to find eco-friendly solutions that meet our EcoSwap criteria so you, the eco-conscious consumer, will have an array of great products to choose from.

EcoSwap supports:

  • Products that are made to last
  • Materials that are either fully biodegradable or 100% recycled
  • Products manufactured in ways that do not harm the environment
  • Products packaged using no plastic or as little plastic as possible
Who We Are?

We are an international team (and we are always looking for more volunteers) and we believe in making it quick and easy to find eco-friendly products and make eco-friendly choices.

We believe in supporting businesses that put the environment first and in healthy and minimalistic consumption for a better society and cleaner earth for future generations.

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